Excel Personnel’s outplacement services can help you to empower your transitioning employees, allowing them to navigate their new career paths with confidence.

Our professional recruiters and certified personnel consultants provide personalized coaching, job search assistance, and professional development resources, offering effective tools and guidance for displaced employees to land new opportunities quickly, while fostering positive employer-employee relationships.

When you provide outplacement as part of a severance package, everyone benefits. Aside from allowing you to facilitate a terminated employee’s transition by providing company-paid assistance, outplacement also helps you to preserve your company’s reputation, while improving the morale of both current and exiting employees.

Through our outplacement services, we’ll work with you to assist outgoing staff with everything they need to transition into their new role, including:

  • Meeting with you to learn about your organization, the reasons leading to the need for outplacement services, and what you would like to see for your displaced employees
  • In-person, one-hour consultations with each exiting employee to establish their unique needs
  • Situational analyses, goal-setting support, and assistance in developing personal and professional values
  • Weekly follow-ups to ensure a successful transition to outgoing employees’ next opportunities
  • Direct support and assistance in navigating live job opportunities
  • Assistance in creating a professional assessment summary to include in job applications, including items such as skills testing, personality profiling, criminal record searches, education investigations, and driver abstracts
  • Professional resume and cover letter development, including support with job-specific resume creation
  • Assistance in updating LinkedIn profiles and other social media channels
  • Preparation and practice for interviewing and networking
  • Access to temporary contracts, with the possibility of permanent placement, or until a permanent position is obtained
  • Being the point of contact for employee references
  • Additional support and post-hire follow-ups for both you and outgoing employees

At Excel Personnel, our outplacement services extend far beyond the traditional approach and have been highly successful in helping hundreds of outgoing employees to land their dream jobs.

So, if you’re looking for outplacement services in B.C., let us stand by your side as you help outgoing employees navigate the path to a brighter future, turning career challenges into stepping stones for success.

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