Have you ever thought about working in Terrace, BC?

Have you ever thought about working in: Terrace, BC

Community, Culture, Sport and History. Terrace BC brings all of these things to the forefront and, while Prince George, BC may be the defacto “Northern Capital” of the Province, Terrace is quite possibly its Northern heart.

A little about the city: Geographically, Terrace is nestled proudly against the Coast Mountains along the Skeena River and is the hub of commerce for the Northwest. It connects the communities of Kitimat at the southern end of Highway 37 and Prince Rupert at the western end of Highway 16 and brings together traditional and first nations communities along the Nass, Stikine and Skeena River Valleys alike. The community may be small by larger standards, but its reach is vast.

This little city of 12,000 is a true 4 season destination and gateway to the wildness of the Pacific Northwest, making it a draw for families and individuals alike. Economically, like most communities in the region, Terrace has been mostly resource-based, however, as the economy has changed over the years, you’ll now find some of the largest employers in the city itself are in the public sector.

Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t large private employers in the city and surrounding area because there are. In fact, due to its location, there are many who choose the affordability and convenience of living in Terrace and working in a place like Kitimat (Rio Tinto), 30-odd minutes down the road. Clearly, this commute is nothing to those from larger centres where 30 minutes after leaving their condo in Vancouver you will find them stuck in traffic at the bottom of their own cul-de-sac, however, while they’re watching for meandering pedestrians, we tend to watch for Moose.

An important note on the potential of the area, if you’re thinking of future opportunities for yourself or your family, consider this…due to its proximity to the Kitimat and Prince Rupert ports, Terrace is well placed to take advantage of the developments of both coastal communities and their LNG futures…quite possibly the next great economic driver in this country.

From a day-to-day living standpoint, Terrace has a lot more to offer than the traditional outdoor lifestyle that many of us have taken for granted.

Naturally, world-class Salmon fishing on the Skeena or Kalum rivers, skiing & snowboarding on Shames Mountain (My Mountain Co-op) or hiking and hunting in the surrounding mountains are the default imagery for this part of the world, but Terrace also offers a bustling arts scene that includes galleries, heritage sites and museums as well as an exceptional farmers market and unique aboriginal experiences.

All of these things help to shape the culture of this vibrant community and keep it relevant. Add to that a rapidly developing foody scene and a passionate sporting culture which includes golf, softball, curling and hockey (to name a few) and you have an exceptionally well-rounded experience that has something to offer nearly anyone.

Now granted, I’m biased. As a born and bred Kitimatian, Terrace was our Vancouver. At 50+ km’s away, it was where we went shopping for everything from back-to-school clothes to groceries, from Dad’s next station-wagon to Mom’s fancy gown for the Lord Mayor’s Banquet. It’s where we went to visit family and friends and to have a special family meal out.

It’s where the youth of the area grew up and went away to College (NWCC) while still remaining close to home. It was our playground and our place to get away and has always been special…having the best shopping in the territory is only a tiny reason why.

You see, the land itself is special…the first nations who have inhabited this area have known this from time immemorial and as such, this land is one of the oldest continuously occupied regions on the planet, predating European contact by centuries. If you have even the tiniest remnant of an adventurous spirit, you owe it to yourself to learn more about what this city can offer.

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Written by Geoff Simpson, Northern BC Recruitment – Excel Personnel, Prince George

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