What You Can Expect From an Employment Contract

What You Can Expect From an Employment Contract

A Temporary or Contract assignment offers flexibility.

We are here to find the best fit for both the employer (our client) and for the candidate. Every placement opportunity is different.

At Excel Personnel we follow a process that works for the best results for all.

The client:

Every search starts with a client needs assessment. We conduct a comprehensive overview of the client company’s requirements to make sure we truly understand the nature of the role and the qualifications necessary to ensure success in this role.

The candidate:

In preparation, we conduct a thorough detailed interview with each candidate to assess personality, review backgrounds and to confirm employment history.

We then send out on-line skill evaluation tests based on the type of job opportunity the candidate is applying to.

Reference checks are then conducted as necessary to confirm honesty, integrity and fit for potential clients.

The Next Steps:
We then build a short list of the most suitable candidates by assessing the individuals already registered with Excel Personnel research to locate the best suited individuals in a particular industry.

After interviewing and evaluating all interested candidates, we present the short list to the client along with an assessment of each candidate’s skill evaluation test results, backgrounds and personality fit.

We then arrange interviews between the client and candidates prior to placement when requested and conduct reference checks on those selected.
We are responsible for negotiating the pay scale and present the job offer to the successful candidate.

We follow-up and maintain contact with each candidate once placed to ensure the fit you have with our client is a positive experience as well as with the client throughout the recruitment process and assignment.

Whether we place a candidate in a temporary or contract assignment, it is our responsibility to ensure that both the client and the candidate have the support needed and that we are available to address any concerns or questions you have at any time.

We continuously work towards aligning the candidates with another assignment based on availability and fit.

It is important to us at Excel Personnel to build a relationship with you, and to be your point of contact whether you are the client or the candidate.

We look forward to hearing from each candidate once you’ve arrived at your assignment, during and upon completion so that we can assess the opportunity for future placements and requests from the client.

At Excel Personnel we look forward to your feedback and appreciate receiving testimonials of your experience whether client or candidate.

Every opportunity is an opportunity for success. Excel Personnel prides themselves on the quality of individuals we place with every client.

We are most excited when the fit between the client and the candidate is such a great match that a request is made from the client to bring the candidate on board as a permanent part of their own team. Excel Personnel is then responsible for all negotiations between the client and the candidate to ensure the best possible transition and offer is made.

We celebrate each success with each client and every candidate that we meet and look forward to continuously building valued and long-lasting relationships.

Your success is our success, and we look forward to meeting with you and working with you soon!

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