Career Conundrum, Chum?

Career Conundrum, Chum?

It happens to the best of us. We get to a point in our career where things seem to…stagnate.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ve hit the top rung of your ladder OR, through no fault of your own, a lack of growth opportunities has stifled you?

Perhaps you’re surrounded by non-performers and you’re shouldering the load, OR, there are more experienced or tenured people above you that have walled you in?

Whatever the reason, you feel like it’s time to consider a change. But where do you start?

That’s easy. It may seem obvious to some, but you don’t need to be an active job seeker to keep your ear to the ground and find out what’s out there. In fact, you only need two things:

1.Your network
2.Your initiative

Now chances are, if you’re reading this, I’m already in your network and we’ve had some kind of interaction. This, by the very nature of the internet, makes us pals.

That’s right…we’re connected, you and me. So, in a time of career crisis (or catharsis) why wouldn’t you reach out to those who could help when things are tough, or the man is getting you down?

After all, isn’t on-demand support what internet-based friendships are all about? As your internet BFF, I’d say it is.

The glory of the internet and social networks is that one party can control the pace and tone of the conversation in a manner that best serves them, allowing them to be fully, and rightfully, selfish…it’s not a bad thing, in fact it can be great.

Think about how refreshing it can be to have a confidential conversation about nobody else but you!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the other side of recruitment, and local recruitment at that, which very few think to look for.

THIS is where we have a no obligation conversation about YOUR wants and needs and nobody else’s.

It should be obvious that as an agency we are always keeping an eye out for great people who are looking to shake things up.

And yes, we are always looking for experienced Managers, Sales Professionals, Skilled Tradesmen and Engineers, all of whom are highly sought after and are the bread and butter of any high performing Recruiting Firm.

And YES, I’m about to reference one of the greatest films of all time, Field of Dreams (If you build it, they will come), because the truth is, the more amazing people that are available, the more amazing opportunities will present themselves.

So, what this all boils down to is the following:

Reach out. Have a casual conversation. Send a quick email, or inMail for the LinkedIn crowd.

As I speak to you as an agency, if you’re open to a discussion and feel like sharing what you want to be when you grow up, we’ll hear it.

But don’t limit yourself to me. Expand your communication to industry leaders, insiders and prognosticators. There’s no cost or obligation to conversation and THAT, is the power of your network.

Written by: Geoff Simpson – Northern BC Recruitment Consultant

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