Clear Expectations

Clear Expectations

We find it crucial in our practice to give the businesses and people we work with clear expectations.
When working with new candidates and clients in the recruitment industry, there are some standard questions we get asked a lot.

Can you help my (partner, fiancé, brother, mother, former boss, cousin, neighbour, crazy ex- girlfriend, etc.) find a job?

My answer: We’d like to. You can have him/her forward a copy of their CV or give me a call but before you do, do you know what I do?

What do you mean you’re a recruiter, you help people find jobs right?

My answer: I do…. but it is within our area of specialization.

We assist companies to find candidates for their firm and usually this is when the organization doesn’t have the resources in human capital or standardized processes to efficiently and effectively source, attract, screen, interview, select and hire.

We’re a boutique recruitment firm and work in both permanent and temporary staffing throughout BC with offices in Kamloops, Kelowna and Prince George.

We’re able to offer the people we work with an in-depth knowledge of the industries, economics, trends and culture of the region.

A typical request we get from new clients in the construction sector is: Can I hire a labourer through your services?
Certainly…. But what are you really looking for?

The absolute lowest cost OR value for service. If you are making your decision based upon budget for services alone, there are always companies willing to perform services for lowest costs to win your business.

Does this equate to best value? Usually not. There are plenty of labour staffing companies that cater to this type of temporary work force where candidates are placed on a first come – first served job assignment and you generally get what you get.

Don’t you do that too?

We do offer labour staffing services as well, but our process would be to interview, preform reference checks and put our candidates through skills assessment where applicable before introducing them to any prospective client.

We do the leg work on identifying qualified candidates up front, so the client doesn’t find out during the job that the candidate is a less than desirable fit. Our services are reflective of the value we provide our clients in hiring the due diligence in the process which are evident in our placements.

Since 1992, Excel Personnel has proudly operated its recruitment firm throughout the Interior of British Columbia. We are driven to provide an exceptional client and candidate experience each and every time.

We will focus on the solution, the people and the relationship first and foremost. We are, and will continue to be, your full-service recruitment partner throughout Western Canada.

A major component of our business that we do have control over is to set both our clients and candidates up with realistic expectations from day one.

Written by: Sean Casey

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